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Chef Arthur  and his team will introduce you to the joy of tasting authentic French savory and sweet crepes made with love and passion.

His passion for cooking and serving people brings our crepes and service to another level.

After 25 years in Paris, 1 year in London and 3 years in Montreal, Chef Arthur decided to bring his French touch in Los Angeles. 

He can serve his crepes in five different savory or sweet languages.

You will never be disappointed by the quality of the products or service provided by Crepe a la French.

Your upcoming event will be an amazing experience with a Chef Arthur and his team at your disposal.

 Our team is working very hard everyday to earn your business by providing you an excellent customer service and authentic French savory and sweet crepes like you were in Paris. 


Our mission

Your satisfaction

Our mission

 Our mission is to offer a service based on trust, excellence and professionalism.

Savory or sweet, Crepe a la French caters for all occasions such as: Wedding, Bridal Shower, Birthday, Graduation, Welcome Baby, Anniversary, Corporate Lunch, Grand Opening and much more.

Serving the whole Los Angeles area, our crepes are unique and all designed by our French Chef.

It is always a pleasure for Crepe a la French to be part of those special events and we work very hard everyday to make them even more special.

Our online and 100% secure website makes it even easier for you to book us for your next event by clicking on one of our packages.

Fresh products, authentic french crepes and high quality service are the ingredients of our success.

We are always available to answer to your questions by email, phone, Yelp or Instagram.

Because your satisfaction is our first priority, we are always available for our customers.


Your satisfaction

Your satisfaction

Your satisfaction

Whether you are welcoming potential business partners, customers or guests for your upcoming event, Crepe a la French offers the perfect french crepe station catering.

With nine different kind of sweet crepes and four different kind of savory crepes, you will never forget your first bite of . 

You may also design your own custom crepe by using our great variety of toppings : strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, bananas, sugar, butter, Grand Marnier, Ferrero Rocher and three different kind of Italian chocolate or caramel drizzles.

We are always two Chefs on site working on two professional crepe griddles giving us the ability of making four crepes per minute. Your guests will never ever have to wait in the line to get their own sweet or savory crepe.

Crepe a la French always provides : napkins, forks, knives , plates and high quality crepe holders special designed by Crepe a la French.

 "Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their needs and wants impact every aspect of your business, from product development to content marketing to sales to customer service."

John Rampton